Friday, May 3, 2013

Rookie Blue Season 4 Spoiler

According to TV Fanatic:

Rookie Blue returns to both ABC and Global on May 23, though the summer series with which many fans have fallen in love will look very different next month.
Andy is back from her undercover mission. Sam is now a detective. And he has a new girlfriend. Eek!
Elsewhere, Dov's one-night stand will cause problems for him at work, while Chris has a major decision to make and Traci is discovering how to live without Jerry.
Looks interesting. But I have some questions already. 

1. How was Nick"s and Andy's undercover work? Are we going to find out?
2. If Sam is a detective why is he riding in uniform with Andy.
3. Dov is childish like always. What's new?
4. Looks like Andy is with Nick, at least that's what the promo is suggesting. Am I wrong? I like both Nick and Sam but I don't thin Sam and Andy can stay away from each other.

Ok, digging a bit deeper,  it seems like I got some answers. Look at this article from

The summer drama of Rookie Blue season 4 is expected avidly, which is not surprising as the third season had ended on a thrilling note and a glance at the spoilers released for the fourth season, which will be picked up after six months, will be as thrilling as the earlier three versions of the ‘15 Division’ drama.
The friendship of Nick and Andy strengthened during the entire third season, with the end having them as Luke’s team partners. They get together after casting aside their earlier differences. They also will be leaving behind Gail and Sam with new changes promised in the Division 15, when they return.
Sources have disclosed that Missy Peregrym has said that the friendship of Nick and Andy will be taken to a new level, one that Andy has never seen before. Nick had Andy by her side as her break up friend and the season 3 had a good story line drawn on their developing friendship. She also said that the friendship will be continued on to the next season. Andy having sufficient drama in her romantic life wanted some stability, which will be supplied by Nick’s relationship.
Will their return change the status? Andy certainly has some surprises in store and will probably find on her return that Sam has changed. But it could not be Sam’s fault, as he was the one who professed his love for her and waited for her, but she ended up joining the task force. The season 3 ended with the theme too late in the final episode. Season 4 will show how Sam and Andy will fare and whether it is not too late for them or not.

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